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Quality Semi Truck Accessories Guaranteed To Last. Welcome to 32 Chrome Shop Inc.
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We Understand the Science behind the processes to ensure Quality Chrome Plating and Quality Semi Truck Accessories.
Our manufacturers have mastered the sciences, so much so we are able to offer you no nonsense guarantees.
We know our semi truck accessories will stand up to the harshest road conditions while maintaining their beauty.
Our Ali Arc Moose Protection Grill Guard Bumpers are by far your best insurance. Small price to pay for peace of mind.
Protech Semi Truck Headache Racks, Cabinets and Droms are designed to remain weatherproof for many years.

We have seen first hand the frustration of owner operators stuck with low quality products.
We also found out the cost of replacement parts in certain areas of the country can be outrageous.
Many were forced to pay these outrageous markups due to lack of competition.
We also learned about manufacturers that offer warranties and find a way to back out of them.

You have a long road. You are the lifeline of our country.
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